Our fees are listed below. We currently accept payment via QR code or Paynow only. 

The first session of all early intervention and therapy services will be an intake session where our professionals will conduct an assessment and interview to have a better understanding of the presenting issue(s).

Payment will be collected at the end of each session.

All assessment services include an initial intake session, the assessment session(s) and a feedback session.

The prices of some assessment services vary according to the complexity of the issue and assessment tools used. You will be informed of the actual price during the initial intake session. If you do not wish to continue with the assessment, you will be charged a consultation fee. If you decide to continue with the assessment, we would require half of the assessment fee to be paid at the end of the initial intake session and the remaining half to be paid before the feedback session, before we release the completed report. One hard copy and one soft copy of the completed report will be given.



Early Intervention / Therapy / Counselling50 minutes$180
Consultation50 minutes$180
Clinical supervisionPlease contact us


Services (Assessments)DurationPrice
Screen, Autism1 hour $250
Diagnostic, Autism (Standard)5 - 6 hours$2000
Diagnostic, Autism (Comprehensive)8 - 9 hours$2500
Diagnostic, ADHD4 -5 hours$1500
Diagnostic, Others (E.g., Learning difficulties)Varies$1500 - $1700
School Readiness / Special school placementVaries$1000 - $2500
Access ArrangementsVaries$1000 - $2500

(PEERS Social Skills Group)
Initial Interview1 hour$50
Module 13 lessons$450
Module 26 lessons$900
Module 34 -5 lessons$600 - $750